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    Manufacturing with FANUC

  • camcraft 

  • Camcraft and Matrix
    A partnership in precision machining and industrial automation

    Precision machined components maker Camcraft started its automation journey in the late 1990s to reach productivity levels previously unachievable. With over a hundred CNC machines—primarily FANUC CNC controlled—the company has found a new level of versatility and integration.

    With a mutually beneficial opportunity for growth, Camcraft acquired Matrix to bring synergy to automation and systems development, utilizing FANUC as a partner for product integration and support.

    uedBet体育网址 Since implementing automation to its processes, Camcraft has experienced higher efficiency, increased throughput and smoother operations. This journey has not only led to advancing Camcraft’s production, but blossomed into an automation business partnership.

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  • flex-n-gate-screenshot 

  • Flex-N-Gate
    Discovering the many benefits a FANUC collaborative robot solution can provide.

    uedBet体育网址 Flex-N-Gate, a supplier of bumpers, exterior trim, lighting, chassis assemblies and other automotive products, uses inspection systems at their Ventra Ionia, Michigan plant to ensure product quality. To help improve these processes, reduce costs and save floor space, Flex-N-Gate turned to FANUC for a collaborative robot solution, leveraging FANUC America's 24/7/365 service network to support their cobot systems for a completely successful integration.

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  • COXScreenCapture350w 

  • Cox Manufacturing
    What's the secret to over 60 years of manufacturing success? Finding the right partners.

    uedBet体育网址 For over 60 years Cox Manufacturing has been serving a wide variety of industries including aerospace, defense, firearms, oil, electronics, and medical with high-quality machining services. Company Owner and President, Bill Cox standardized his machines on FANUC CNCs.  This strategy helped the company thrive and outperform industry peers.

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  • MIPScreenCapture350w 

  • Moore's Ideal Products
    What do you do when demand out paces your production? Automate.

    uedBet体育网址 Since 1978, MIP has designed and manufactured high quality tools and aftermarket parts for high-performance RC race cars. In recent years, MIP demand for their products increased significantly, especially their world-renowned hex wrenches. MIP turned to Excalibur Tools and FANUC America to design and build an automated six-axis grinding center that resulted in a 300% increase in production.

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  • JTEKT Automotive
    Automating production drives improvements in more than process times.

    uedBet体育网址 When JTEKT Automotive took on a new product line for a global auto manufacturer, they wanted to upgrade some of their existing machining capabilities to improve productivity. As the project developed , automation became a key part of the new production line. Along the way, FANUC helped integrate machines and equipment from multiple suppliers to work as one seamless process. 

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    Building Machine Tools with FANUC

    Leading the Automated Fiber Placement industry with speed and performance - powered by FANUC

    Electroimpact became a leader in the Automated Fiber Placement industry by achieving speeds and performance nobody thought was possible. When they decided to standardize on a CNC platform, they naturally chose FANUC. With a wide variety of motors capable of moving massive fiber placement heads at extremely high speeds and controls to deliver the accuracy and precision required by the aerospace industry - there really was no other choice.

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  • Wilson Manufacturing 

  • Wilson Manufacturing
    When no one in the market makes the machine you need, you build your own – with help from FANUC.

    Wilson Manufacturing couldn’t find a machine in the marketplace that met their tough standards and decided to build their own from scratch. Working with FANUC on the CNC system, Wilson got more than just a box of parts. FANUC partnered with Wilson through the design and build process and provided the knowledge, experience and patience needed to build a machine that surpassed even Wilson’s very high standards.    

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  • BKThumb1 

  • Bourn & Koch
    Building state-of-the-art machine tools with 28 brands under your wing - all with FANUC CNC Systems.

    Bourn & Koch have been building and retrofitting machine tools for over 40 years and they know what they are doing.  From simple surface grinders to complex 7 and 8 axis vertical grinders to custom specialty machines, their machines have a diverse set of technology needs. FANUC controls give them the flexibility they need to get the most out of their machines, while simplifying design and production standards.    

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  • Onsrud_Lippert5.350 

  • C.R. Onsrud
    A well choreographed work cell with four table routers and two load/unload robots is a beautiful thing.

    uedBet体育网址 Integrating a CNC table router with a load/unload robot is not that challenging.  Integrating four CNC table routers with two robots gets a little more difficult.  Throw in the fact that the size and shape of the work pieces can vary along with the required cutting pattern, and now you have a challenge.  C.R. Onsrud was up to the task and came up with creative solutions to keep Lippert's process flowing smooth.

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  • Excalibur350w 

  • Excalibur Engineering
    Machine tool builders get more from FANUC

    With integrated FANUC solutions, machine tool builders large and small get easier design, simpler builds, more straightforward communications and unmatched lifetime support. When machine tool builders experience how easy it can all go together, and what that means to their customers, it is hard for them to see any other choice.

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    Retrofitting Machine Tools with FANUC

  • fives-experience-fanuc-2 

  • Lincoln Park Boring and Fives Giddings & Lewis
    Family-owned machine shop retrofits legacy equipment using FANUC controls.

    uedBet体育网址 Family-owned and operated Lincoln Park Boring Company found a niche in handling large parts and metal fabrication for a number of industries. However, the company was facing the problem of having legacy machines. To bring its equipment up to 21st century standards, Lincoln Park enlisted the help of machine builder Fives Giddings & Lewis, a FANUC-authorized integrator. By installing FANUC controls in the retrofit, Lincoln Park now has a machine with much more capabilities and tighter tolerances than before.

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  • Microtrol 

  • Microtrol Engineering

    Are your machine's best days behind it or in front of it?
    See what happens when retrofitting is done right.

    Years of operation can take its toll on machine tools, but that doesn’t mean that an old machine’s best days are behind it. Microtrol Engineering helped bring four Cincinnati skin mills back from the brink of extinction with new FANUC controls motors and drives. By taking advantage of some of the advanced features of the control, they were able to overcome several issues that bothered the facility for decades.  If you ask the operators now, they won’t say the machine is as good as new…it is better than new.

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    Growing with FANUC

  • Noble People350 

  • Noble Plastics
    Preparing for the future with automation

    Planning for the future takes a good deal of vision as well as a little bit of risk. Contract manufacturer Noble Plastics did not have a specific job for the first robot it purchased. After experiencing how much of an advantage it gives them, they built a smarter workforce around automation and they watch their business grow. 

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  • Vickers1_350 

  • Vickers Engineering
    Growing a workforce means more than just adding employees.

    Vickers Engineering uses automation to make their company more competitive and the results are clear.  Winning more business has helped them grow from 35 employees to over 200 employees. The employees build higher skills sets by working with automaton, becoming more valuable to the company and secure in their positions. 

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